6 Warning Signs that Your Body is Not Healthy

Virtually every man can know the signs given by the body when they live a lifestyle that is not healthy. But sometimes we do not pay attention to signs that appear on our body when it is a warning sign of the body to change our lifestyles. Here are some of the traits that your body is not healthy:
  • Skin problems
People who are healthy do not have skin problems like acne, blemishes in the skin, stretch marks, and so forth.
  • Sleep disorders
If you have trouble sleeping at night, then this could indicate that your body is not healthy. You drink too much caffeine or other problems.
  • Difficult defecation
When you urinate, you can observe the color of urine coming out. Colors are otherwise healthy urine is a pale yellow color, odorless and clear.
  • Dry lips
If your lips dry then you are deficient in the vitamin. You can overcome this by taking vitamins from fruits and vegetables.
  • Fingernails
If your nails are discolored, bumpy, and there is a lump, then it indicates that your body is experiencing health problems.
  • Body temperature
Hands and feet feel cold indicates that barriers to the circulation of blood in the body.

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