Consuming Meat Every Day Can Make You Have Health Problems

If you like meat and almost every day to consume meat, then this is the right time to reduce your habit of eating meat because of excessive meat consumption can cause health problems very disturbing as below:
  • Breath odor
When you eat protein, your body will undergo ketosis. Ketosis is a condition that is not burning fat from carbohydrates. According to the diet, the body can produce keton. These keton can cause bad breath such as cleaning liquid polish.
  • Mood
The brain needs carbohydrates to produce the hormone serotonin. When carbohydrates are reduced and protein, then you will quickly change mood as angry, upset, and so forth.
  • Kidney damage
Protein consumed in too many quantities makes the kidneys work harder to get rid of all nitrogen. Over time, your kidneys will be damaged.
  • Glikemik index problems
Everyone has different portions of nutrition. There are encouraged to consume 25 grams of fiber each day. When you continue to consume protein without regard to fiber intake, then you will be constipated.
  • Weight problems
High-protein diets can reduce weight. But if you continue to consume protein without regard to the nutritional needs of others, then your weight will increase.

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