Crocodile’s Protection in the World

In animal world, crocodile has been considered as the animal that filled the top position of the food pyramids. However, it’s one of the most hazardous carnivore animals in the world. Crocodile’s habitat is in the swamp, or in the lake and river. Each place has the different type of crocodile. However, even though it’s a dangerous kind of animal, it has been considered as the protected animal.

The beautiful skin of the crocodile has made it become one of the most hunted animals by human. Massive hunting actions to the crocodile in the animal world have been done by the human being to get the skin. It could be made as many kinds of accessories for ladies such as the bags, handbags, belts, and shoes. Certainly, that would give some bad impacts to the crocodiles’ population.

In order to prevent the crocodile from its extinction, the world via the United Nation has stated the crocodile as one of the world’s heritages that should be protected. Crocodile hunting in the world has been considered as the forbidden activities. To prevent the crocodile’s extinction, the crocodile’s restoration has been done in the world. This is one of the best ideas to prevent the crocodile from the extinction from the animal world.

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