Extreme Diet: It Can Cause Serious Health Problem and Death

A healthy diet can be done by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, adequate rest, and so forth. But there are still many people who want a quick diet to perform an unnatural way. You lose weight but also very dangerous and even lead to death. Here is the dangerous way to slim:
  • Pills
Do not take a pill to lose weight. Many diet pills are dangerous and make you experience stomach problems. Even some people had to be hospitalized because of diet pill.
  • Swallowing tapeworm
This is how slender is not recommended. Swallowing tapeworm can indeed lose weight but your weight down because of diseases caused by worms. You can experience severe abdominal pain, and death.
  • Only drink water
Drinking can indeed lose weight. But without a balanced meal drink at all will make your body weak because of a lack of energy.
  • Fasting
Fasting is meant here is that you do not eat and drink at all in the long term.
  • Low-calorie diet
The body needs carbohydrates and calories to burn off energy. This diet will make you hungry and immune system becomes weaker.
  • Liposuction
This method is fast you lose weight but other organs will have the effect of liposuction.

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