Foods Recommendation for Breast Feeding Mothers

Breast feed the baby becomes the choice for mother to nurse their baby. Everyone can have different consideration about the best way for nursing the baby including by breast feeding the baby. In fact, it is not only about the method for feeding the baby but also for strengthening the bond between mother and the baby.

Many benefits can be found from breast feeding and it is important for breast feeding mothers to eat the right foods for enhancing the growth and health of the baby. Mothers who breast feed the baby should take more dairy products from milk to yogurt because they need to increase the calcium and protein intake which can be found a lot in dairy product.

It means that they also need to consume more foods which come with high protein content such as lean meat and chicken. Two portions of week should be taken by breast feeding mother every week. Iron and calcium is very crucial for breast feeding mothers so they have to eat more green vegetables, products from whole grain, cereals, peas, and many more.

Breast feeding mothers must not forget about taking more foods which are rich in fiber. Fluids should be taken properly and if it is necessary, they can also consume supplements.

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