Health Problems that can Appears when Ride Airplane

Air transport is one of the most rapid and uninterrupted by traffic jams. But in the plane turns the body can be impaired. This is due to air pressure, humidity, and other factors while at altitude makes our bodies undergo reactions as follows:
  • Bad breath
When you're at altitude, then the body will function more slowly. Glands work slower saliva is reduced so that the bacteria in the mouth become more numerous. This also happens when you eat fast food, chocolate or sugary drinks that are the remaining food left in the mouth. Leftover food will produce sulfur compounds which can cause bad breath. To get rid of bad breath, you can brush your teeth, drinking water, and eating a healthy diet.
  • Swollen foot
Sitting for a long time to make the blood circulation in the legs become not current. To overcome this, you can take a walk on the plane. You can lift your foot downward or upward so that blood circulation can flow.
  • Dizzy
This is because the blood oxygen levels when you are on the plane began to decline up to 93%. So you will experience dizziness.
  • Dry skin
Oxygen will drop by two percent while in the aircraft so that the moisture will evaporate.

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