Healthy Tips for Cooking Instant Noodle

Do you like instant noodle? You are better to know healthy tips for cooking instant noodle. Why? Instant noodle usually consists preservative. If preservative enter your body too much, it may cause bad effect and other diseases. So, here the tips for cooking instant noodle to get healthy instant noodle:

First, you should boil the instant noodle until it well cooked. You should make sure whether the instant noodle has been cooked well or not. Then, don’t use the water that has been used for boiling the instant noodle. You should change it by new water.

Then, you can pour the seasoning to instant noodle. Make sure that you pour it into the bowl, not in pan. Don’t pour the seasoning in the pan when the noodle is boiling. It can cause some problems for your health.

Last is about seasoning. Seasoning of instant noodle usually consists of high preservative, so you can change it by natural seasoning you can found in your kitchen. It is better for your health. The important point is, you should minimize dangerous substance that will enter your body. Hopefully this article about healthy tips for cooking instant noodle will be useful for you.

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