How to Keep Ear to Make it Healthy

To avoid some problems of your ear, you should know about how to keep ear to make it healthy. Ear is important organ in our body. Without ear, we can’t hear sound. When the ear gets some problem caused by diseases, we definitely feel so suffer. So, here the tips for you to keep your ear to make it healthy:
  1. You should avoid sound that can cause problem of ear. For example high sound like chainsaw sound or the music that is too loud.
  2. Keep your ear by limiting the volume which enters your ear. For example, you can limit the use of headset to make your ear always healthy.
  3. Get out from the place that has loud sound. You should avoid that place to keep your ear.
  4. Use earplugs when you are in the noisy place. It will help you to decrease the volume that enters your ear.
  5. Don’t clean your ear by using cotton. It makes your earwax increasingly entering your ear. It can reduce your hearing.
Those are some tips for keeping your ear to make it healthy. You can follow the tips to make your ear always in good condition. Hopefully the article about how to keep ear to make it healthy above will be helpful for you.

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