Is It Really Recommended to Drink Min. 8 Glasses of Water A Day?

You might always hear from your doctors, books, television, or other media that you should at least drink 8 glasses of water a day. But, sometimes you also heard that others recommended a different number. So, which one is the right answers? Is it 8, less or more?

Actually, there is no exact recommendation. It’s all depending on several factors including your health, activities, your living location, and many others. One thing you should know, your body is like a plant. When you forget watering your plant, it’ll dry and die soon. That’s the similar thing that will happen towards you. If your body lacks of fluids, you will suffer from dehydrate then can cause some other health problems. You might often experience it, you feel easily exhausted and energy loss when you are very thirsty. When your body is functioned well, you will lose water from your body through breath, perspiration, bowel movements, and mostly urine. So, you need fluids to replace it.

According to the Institute of Medicine, the overall fluids needed by our body (through water, foods, or other beverages) including 13 cups for adult men and 9 cups for adult women a day. The 8-glasses advice itself isn’t so far from the recommendation or about 1.9 liters. Because the words are quite easy to remember, so 8-glasses of water a day remains popular anywhere.

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