Is It True Raw Food Is Healthier Than Cooked Food?

Do you prefer raw food or cooked food? Many people think that raw food is healthier than cooked food. But, is it true or not? The answer is not all of food is healthier to be eaten in raw food. The cooking process may ruin and lessen the nutrition that the food contains. It is the reason why some people say that raw food is healthier and better than the cooked food.

It is true that the cooking process will lessen the nutrition of food and it means that raw food has lot of nutrition than cooked food. But, not all of food id better when it is consumed in raw food. There are some food that is better when it cooked and the nutrition will be better than the raw.

Some vegetables are healthier when it cooked such as tomato, carrot, spinach, asparagus, and mushroom. For example, the licopen in tomato will be better and larger if the tomato is cooked first. Licopen will be very useful for heart health and decrease prostate cancer. Besides that, cooked carrot also contains more carotenoid, and polifenol in asparagus. Those are antioxidants that will prevent cancer and decrease risk of heart disease.

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