Natural Method for Curing Vaginal Odor

Having vaginal odor can be very embarrassing condition for women. They will not get enough confidence with this condition. It can bring bad effect to their romantic relationship as well. That is why it is crucial for people to make sure that they can get rid of the vaginal odor.

Various reasons can make people suffer from the vaginal odor from the poor hygiene to illness. No matter what, the best way for curing vaginal odor is needed. It does not mean that they have to go to the doctor if they want to cure this problem. Some natural methods can be used for curing the feminine odor problem at home.

The very first ingredient which can be used is white vinegar. It is useful for restoring the pH level so the odor can be reduced. People can just add the white vinegar into the hot bath and they can soak about 30 minutes a day in three days.

Infection which causes the vaginal odors can be fought off by neem bark extract. It also comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Another natural ingredient for treating the vaginal odor is baking soda which can be added into the hot bath just like the white vinegar.

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