Some Foods Help You to Prevent Premature Aging

Stay health and young is the dream of many people. Well, however aging cannot be resisting and will come to every people. It will not be problem is the aging comes when it should come but it will be different if the premature aging come earlier. Nowadays, premature aging cases have increased and you do not want to look older than the real age for sure.

It happens because the unhealthy lifestyle and do not pay attention to the food that is eaten. But, you are able to prevent premature aging by consuming some foods that will help against premature aging. Healthy and balance diet with right cooking process will decrease the damage of cell and slow down the aging.

There are some kinds of food that will help to against aging and cell damage. The first type of food that will help to against premature aging is bean. Bean and its types contain a lot of vitamin that will help to against premature aging; this can be consumed without worry about weight.

The next food is berry. Berry contains flavanoid has benefit in anti aging and anti cancer. Berry contains a lot of antioxidants. And the other food that will help against premature aging is yoghurt and garlic.

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