The Ideal Sleep Position to Improve Your Sleeping Quality

Every people have different sleeping position that they feel the most comfortable. But do you know that your sleeping position can affect your sleeping quality and overall health of your body? The answer is yes. If the less or more sleeping time can higher the risk of obesity and heart disease, your sleeping quality will play role in snoring, wrinkles, and heartburn.

According to clinical psychologist, Dr. Michael Breus, the ideal sleeping position is by lying on your back (without pillow). It is because your head, neck, spine and legs are aligned in the neutral position. When your spine is in the neutral alignment position, then there will be no extra pressure added to the back. Yet, the side effect of supine position is snoring and sleep apnea. Another good sleep position is lying on your side. It’s recommended especially for those who experienced loud snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, neck and back pain, also pregnant women.

Meanwhile, the worst sleeping position that you should avoid is lying on your stomach. This position can lead into aching because doesn’t support natural curves while giving more pressure on joints and muscles. Instead, you don’t only need a good sleep position, but also sleeping environment including good mattress and enough time of rest. So, make sure you sleep on your best position and get a better sleeping quality.

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