The Top 3 High Protein Foods with Low Calories to Help You Lose Weight

Eating high protein foods with low calories will help you become healthier. If you want to shape your body or maybe lose a little weight these foods with balance nutrition will help you.
  • Turkey Meat
With only 6.5 calories per gram protein, Turkey is one of the best menus for low fat diet. It is best if you process it by yourself to prevent additional sodium and fat from wrong cooking process. Turkey can help you lose weight since it can stop the fat cells from growing. Turkey meat is also a rich source of DHA, so it will not only make your body healthier but also enhancing your brain capabilities.
  • Chicken Breast
Chicken breast only has 6.6 calories per gram protein. This low calorie level makes chicken breast a perfect food to lose weight. But everything will still come down to how you cook it. Grill or boil the chicken breast without the skin to get the best result.
  • Eggs
Egg is one of the healthiest high protein foods with low calories, and it is one of the best foods to build muscle. Egg is also a good source of energy. This is why many athletes regularly consume boiled eggs. If you are currently in low fat diet, you can ditch the yolk to minimize your fat consumption.

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