These Three Parts of Body Can Heal without Medical Treatment

Humans have a body with a complicated system. People who do not know the medical science will directly go to the doctor to cure their diseases. But it turns out there are parts of the body can heal itself without medical treatment. This is due to the body part that can generate new cells.
  • Brain cells
Nerve cells have the ability to regenerate when injured. Protective of brain cells called myelin also has the ability to regenerate. If you want to speed up the regeneration process, then you can consume blueberries, ginseng, coffee, and green tea. Liver cells can regenerate. If you want to speed up the regeneration process in the cell, you can consume foods that contain vitamin E.
  • Pancreas
This organ has the hormone insulin. This hormone is released from beta cells and drugs used for curing diabetes. But if you already have diabetes, the beta cells will be damaged. There are also other hormones that can regenerate. If you eat foods containing vitamin C, your body will produce this hormone in greater numbers.
  • Cartilage
Cartilage is at the ear, nose, and spine. The cartilage in the spine can regenerate naturally. This regeneration can be accelerated by consuming turmeric, honey containing vitamin B12.

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