Tips for Avoiding Cancer Caused by Phone Radiation

If you are a person who love gadget, you should know about tips for avoiding cancer caused by phone radiation. As we know that phone is very helpful but also has negative effects for our body. So, you should know the preventing activity to make you free from bad effects of phone radiation, included cancer. Here some tips for you:
  • You are better to use headset during phone with your friends or other. It will make your head are far from the phone radiation.
  • You should use short message service (SMS) more than phone to connect you with other. It also makes you far from phone radiation.
  • If you don’t use headset, you are better to phone in short time.
  • When the signal of your phone is very low, don’t use it. The low signal will make your phone search for signal harder, so it will radiate the higher phone radiation.
  • Don’t use your phone when you are on the car or lift. Your phone will need much energy in closed place, so the radiation will be high in the closed place.
Well, those are some tips for you to make you free from phone radiation that cause cancer. You can follow the tips above and get the healthy body during operating your phone. Hopefully the article about tips for avoiding cancer caused by phone radiation will be helpful for you.

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