Why Working on Computer Too Long is Bad for Your Health?

In the recent workday, people mostly work in front of the computer screen for approximately 7-8 hours a day. This new habit staring too long at the screen then leads into a new health issue particularly eye problem called computer vision syndrome (CVS). Yet, CVS isn’t only specifically on eyes but also other eye strain and pain experienced by computer users.

CVS occurs when the eyes carry the same motion over and over again. Working at computerlet your eyes to focus too much, back and forth, also align along with what showing on the screen. Especially when you are changing focus from the screen, down to the documents, then back to the screen, your eyes’ muscles are working double. Moreover, the contrast, glare, and flicker of the screen are worsening rather than too much reading books. A study reveals that 50-90% of people working at computers have experienced at least one of CVS symptoms. Particularly for those who already have eye problem such as nearsightedness or astigmatism. Older people also have higher chance of suffering CVS.

Avoiding the worse symptoms can be done by giving your eyes a break during works. You also need to set the brightness and cut the glare to adjust your most comfortable vision at the screen. Rearrange your desk and make the screen and documents that need to be read in a way where your eyes don’t need to look up and down continuously.

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